2023-24 Cheng Fellows

The 2023 Cheng Fellows are advancing climate justice, transforming public health, building more equitable education systems, and strengthening institutions. They are activists, nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and community change-makers. Representing seven Harvard schools — HBS, HKS, HMS, HSPH, HGSE, HGSD, and Harvard College — this cohort exemplifies the strength and promise of cross-sectoral, cross-community social problem-solving.

Adebayo Alonge

Adebayo Alonge (MC/MPA ‘24) is the founder of RxAll, a digital Infrastructure for pharmacies that enables them to more effectively tackle the issue of accessibility to affordable quality medicines across Africa.

Alria Kharage

Alria Kharage (Ed.M. ‘24) is the co-founder of Asude Foundation, which envisions transforming India’s future by creating a holistic learning ecosystem that equips every child with essential life skills, knowledge, and values to pursue sustainable livelihoods and positively impact society.

Ananya Chhaochharia

Ananya Chhaochharia (MPP ‘24) is the founder of Paint it Red, which aims to educate marginalized communities on body literacy through gamified, interactive, and inclusive content on an AI integrated learning management system.

Collins Oghor

Collins Oghor (MPH ‘24) the CEO of Collogh Cares, a digital health technology and advocacy startup that is committed to preventing kidney failure by providing access to remote monitoring and coaching for marginalized, high-risk chronic kidney disease patients.

Eduardo Vasconcelos Goyanna Filho

Eduardo Vasconcelos Goyanna Filho (Harvard College ‘25)  is the co-founder and CEO of Young Peacebuilders in Brazilian Public Schools, a school violence prevention program that supports low-income students in vulnerable public schools through leadership development, mental health enhancement, and co-curricular programming on conflict resolution.

Grace Lam

Grace Lam (MBA + MPP) is the co-founder of NetaCarbon, an early-stage climate tech startup with the mission to democratize access to the carbon market for all by providing an end-to-end platform that drastically simplifies the carbon credit issuance process.

Joy Lindsay

Joy Lindsay (Ed.M. ‘24) is the founder and CEO of Butterfly Dreamz, Inc., a nonprofit that equips girls to be confident leaders and supports them in achieving their dreams through holistic leadership development, mentorship, and intergenerational community action.

Keona Wynne

Keona Wynne (PhD ‘24) is the founder of CommUnity Cares, which aims to address internal and external factors that prevent high quality, preventive care from being the cultural norm in Black communities.

Kholisile Dhliwayo Lindie

Kholisile Dhliwayo (MDS ‘24) is the founder of Black Diasporas, a community-led framework that manifests as a cultural ecosystem of geolocated oral narratives and aims to address the inequity in the authorship and agency of built environments.

Mohit Rauniyar

Mohit Rauniyar (Ed. M ‘24) is the co-founder and Director of Canopy Nepal, a social enterprise working to provide equitable accessibility of education to underprivileged children of Nepal and to promote interactive learning practices used to make informed life decisions.

Pooja Chandrashekar

Pooja Chandrashekar (MD/MBA ‘24) is the co-founder of Reentry Care, a tech-enabled primary care, behavioral health, and social care provider for individuals leaving incarceration and reentering their communities.

Rea Savla

Rea Savla (MBA ‘24) is the founder of Solara, a venture focused on empowering Indian farmers to transition from diesel-powered to sustainable solar-powered irrigation in an affordable manner by establishing a tech-enabled sharing marketplace.

Sayid Abdullaev

Sayid Abdullaev (MC/MPA ‘24) is the founder of My Uyghur Origin Project, which aims to increase awareness of the Uyghur genocide by sharing testimonies of survivors and conducting educational seminars on how people can get involved in support Uyghur people.

Ivan Hsiao

Ivan Hsiao (MPH ‘24) is the founder of Trans Health HQ, a one-stop shop of clinical, legal, and expert resources that helps clinicians optimize care for their transgender patients, and save lives.

Zimran Khan

Zimran Khan (MC/MPA ‘24)  is developing an online micro-credential program for Bangladeshi youth, equipping them with emerging technology skills to excel in the thriving ICT service industry while tackling the nation’s pressing issue of youth unemployment.