three women at an event laughing during a conversation

Meet our Community

We come together both seasoned and new to the work — students, scholars, philanthropists, and journalists, as well as those who represent other organizations, community movements, governments, and companies. Explore below just a subset of our broad community.

Abeera Ahmed

Communications Intern, Team
"Social change about is rooting for those in the back rows through nuance, compassion, and integrity."

Pelkins Ajanoh

Cheng Fellow
"I believe the most effective way to innovate is by listening to the innovation's beneficiaries."

Zubaida Bai

Visiting Social Innovator
"I am committed to making the world a better place for women and girls globally."

Eshwar Bandi

Cheng Fellow
"I am working toward a socially inclusive, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable world."

Julie Battilana

Chair, Faculty, Founder, Team
"Through my research and teaching, I aspire to equip and empower those who tackle the pressing social and environmental problems that we face."

Austin Boral

Cheng Fellow
"I'm building community and capacity among the public servants that power public institutions."

Emmanuel Bukenya

Cheng Fellow
"I am closing the clean energy financing gap while tackling energy poverty and the climate crisis."