Social change­makers see the world as it is now and imagine what it could be. What’s in between, that’s the work.

We are an accelerator of positive social change. SICI supports visionary social innovators and strengthens the ecosystems they need to thrive.

We are intentionally located at the Harvard Kennedy School where the intersection of public, not-for-profit, for-profit, and social enterprise sectors come together.

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AOM awards

Congratulations to Julie Battilana, SICI’s Founder and Faculty Chair, for receiving two honors from the Academy of Management (AOM). Power, for All: How It Really Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business, co-authored by Julie and Tiziana Casciaro, was selected as the winner of AOM’s 2022 George R. Terry Book Award, which recognizes the book for its outstanding contribution to the global advancement of management knowledge. The selection committee writes: “By explaining power’s inherently relational nature, the book also offers useful frameworks for practitioners, students, and researchers to study power and use it ethically.” Julie was also selected as one of 17 AOM Fellows for 2022.

To make social change, we need each other.

Social changemaking is a new and evolving field. We aim to contribute to the field’s growth and the value society places on changemaking work. We share what we know and discover.

We come together both seasoned and new to the work—students, scholars, writers, educators, and philanthropists, as well as representatives from community movements, governments, and socially conscious companies.

Whether you are new to social changemaking or a seasoned innovator, we invite you to learn with us through our courses, research, and fellowships.

multiple paths

We work to illuminate the multiple paths people take to make sense of complex problems, harness power for good, and create a brighter future for the causes that call them.

What our community says

Philanthropy has a vital role to play in shifting changing directionentrenched systems and corresponding power structures — shifts that are essential for systemic rather than one-off fixes.

Our donors invest in uncovering and spreading the ideas, methods, and solutions to create lasting systemic progress.

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Across the world, social change is underway.

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