Our Team

Julie Battilana

Chair, Faculty, Founder, Team
"Through my research and teaching, I aspire to equip and empower those who tackle the pressing social and environmental problems that we face."

Brittany Butler

Executive Director, Faculty, Team
"I believe Harvard has a responsibility to work relentlessly on the pressing social and environmental issues of our time. I helped start SICI to find out just how much progress we can make."

Chloe Lemmel-Hay

Research Associate, Team
"In our unjust world, I’m here to create just and equitable systems and help others do the same."

Leszek Krol

Research Associate, Team
"I'm striving to create a more equitable world, and maybe along the way, learn how to live a good life."

Namika Maki

Education Coordinator, Team
"I want to be a part of the change in empowering and shaping our communities for the better."

Ally Philip

Associate Director, Team
"I work to elevate the efforts of changemakers and accelerate their ability to lead social change."

Devin Samuels

Senior Program Manager, Team
"Through empathy building and education, I fight for a future that leads with safety and love."

Meliné Thebarge

Executive Assistant to the Directors, Team
I seek to use empathetic communication and authentic connection to drive positive social change.