Our Team

Julie Battilana

Chair, Faculty, Founder, Team
“Through my research and teaching, I aspire to equip and empower those who tackle the pressing social and environmental problems that we face.”
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Colleen Kelly

Staff Director, Team
“I’m at SICI to radically shift how society recognizes, supports, and values social changemaking work.”
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Leszek Krol

Research Associate, Team
“I’m striving to create a more equitable world, and maybe along the way, learn how to live a good life.”
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Namika Maki

Education Coordinator, Team
“I want to be a part of the change in empowering and shaping our communities for the better.”
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Darah Meister

Special Assistant, Team
“I’m at SICI because change is the only way to ensure our systems are working for all of us, not just some of us.”
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Ally Philip

Assistant Director of Programs, Team
“I work to elevate the efforts of changemakers and accelerate their ability to lead social change.”
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Libby Quinn

Research Fellow, Team
“I believe that if we join together in action towards the reimagination of a more just society, we can begin to effect the changes we want to see in this world.”
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Snigdha Shahi

Education Intern, Team
“I am at SICI to help drive the change I want to see in the world and build systems to innovate.”
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Analisa Sorrells

Communications Intern, Team
“I’m committed to building a world where health, education, and economic outcomes are not predicted by zip code.”
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Alex Ubalijoro

Research Associate, Team
“My goal is to work toward the social empowerment of all through research and education.”
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