Meet the Community

Bishal Belbase

Bishal Belbase graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2021 with a Master’s in Public Health. Bishal Belbase believes that everyone should have dependable access to high-quality healthcare. He is the founding president of Karma Health, a healthcare nonprofit based in Nepal. Through direct healthcare programs in the health facilities and in the community, and interventions in healthcare management Karma Health builds sustainable, high-quality healthcare suited for low-resources settings. Karma Health deployed the first cadre of professional community health workers recruited by the municipal government and is among the pioneers in integrated electronic health records in Nepal.

As a Cheng Fellow, Bishal worked to refine Karma Health’s model of healthcare, which was being prototyped in one municipality, for subsequent national scale-up. Bishal was born in Nepal and is a medical doctor with further training in public health (Harvard) and public policy (Princeton). He prefers masala tea and loves to watch documentaries.