Vikas Birhma an MPP graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School. He is the founder and chief executive officer at Gramhal that aims to increase the income of smallholder farmers in India by providing them a bundle of post-harvest services of storage, credit, and access to the market through a digital platform. Vikas hails from a village in northern India and is passionate about designing solutions that can improve the well-being of the Indian agricultural community. He has worked extensively on agricultural issues with both government and non-governmental organizations in India. He worked in the Corporate Social Responsibility department of Gas Authority of India Limited, where he managed projects on watershed management, agricultural supply chain, and skill-building. For his commitment to social justice and inner values, Vikas was named as Dalai Lama Fellow 2018 at the University of Virginia. Vikas is an engineer by training and also holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.