A collection of reflections from the SICI community.

COVID-19 Update From SICI

Since the reality of COVID hit our campus, we have been awestruck by the examples of innovation emerging from within our network of students, alumni, faculty colleagues, practitioners, and local government here in Massachusetts.

Committing Fully

As you close out the year and begin to reflect on the challenges that call to you in 2020, our hope is that you have the courage to commit fully and experience the freedom and community that brings.

Small Acts of Change

Small wins carry us forward, but they are also a reminder of the important role even the smallest change can play in shifting the norms around us.

Codifying SICI’s 3P Pedagogy

Documenting both the implicit and explicit aspects of SICI’s pedagogy is providing an opportunity to take stock of what has worked and what hasn’t, and identify which of our activities and processes are core to maximizing impact.