Brittany Butler

Changing Hearts and Minds

Amanda Gorman is charting a path forward, grounded unapologetically in her own lived experience, with a clear vision and passion that has inspired millions.

A Time of Transition

This month, finally, it seems we are catching glimpses of what that could be. We are moving from a holding pattern to a period of transition.

Change That Lasts

Justice Ginsburg’s personal evolution as a feminist, the professional ceilings she broke in American society, and her body of work on the bench all symbolize what deep social change-making looks like.

“Wait and See” Mode

It takes courage and discipline to reaffirm and hold a positive vision for our society in the midst of chaos. It is this strength of vision that will fuel the work, even if we don’t know the exact way.

Getting Beyond Incrementalism

If we are not simply interested in innovation for its own sake, but in its potential to unlock positive and lasting social transformation, we must tie our work today to the movements that started before our time and will likely continue after we are gone.