Step Up, Step Aside, Share Power

In honor of Women’s History Month, our SICI team has been inspired to read about projects that elevate women: highlighting their perseverance, leadership, wisdom, creativity, and aspirations for equity and inclusion around the world.

Expanding Empathy

With the rise of hate crimes, violence, and discrimination against Asian Americans, I ask you to reach out in support of your Asian colleagues and friends, and to include Asians in your anti-racism work.

Changing Hearts and Minds

Amanda Gorman is charting a path forward, grounded unapologetically in her own lived experience, with a clear vision and passion that has inspired millions.

A Time of Transition

This month, finally, it seems we are catching glimpses of what that could be. We are moving from a holding pattern to a period of transition.

Change That Lasts

Justice Ginsburg’s personal evolution as a feminist, the professional ceilings she broke in American society, and her body of work on the bench all symbolize what deep social change-making looks like.