Social Innovation Accelerator

The New World Social Innovation Fellowship is a rigorous co-curricular accelerator for changemakers committed to addressing pressing social problems in new and creative ways. The Fellowship selects and supports students – known as Cheng Fellows – advancing progress on a social challenge through a project of their design. Collectively, Fellows’ efforts represent innovation across issues, around the world, and within sectors, including civil society, business, government, and NGO organizations.

Through weekly co-curricular programming, coaching, mentoring, and seed funding, the Fellowship provides a platform for students to develop and scale efforts while in school and post-graduation. The program is rigorous and time-intensive, intended for students with a steadfast commitment to a defined social or public problem and dedication to advancing concrete progress against this problem while in school and post-graduation.

Program Framework

The Fellowship is guided by a social innovation organizing framework developed by our SICI faculty team called the “3P Framework.” Our research and teaching experience suggests three key lenses through which social innovators should consider their social change efforts: the nature of the social problem they aim to help address, their personal characteristics, and the requirements of the pathway to social innovation. Through weekly sessions, the Fellowship brings together academic theory and practitioner frameworks to explore each of these aspects at increasing levels of depth to guide better decisions that result in positive social impact.

Program Elements

The New World Social Innovation Fellowship is comprised of four key elements:

  1. Co-Curricular Session: Learn frameworks and tactical workshops introduced by SICI staff, faculty, and established social innovators in weekly sessions.
  2. Coaching: Work with the SICI team through regular office hours and custom support for all Fellows.
  3. Action: Undertake a self-directed project and produce a comprehensive Social Change Plan that serves as a springboard for continued action post-graduation.
  4. Funding: Be eligible for up to $30,000 in funding for project advancement upon successful completion of the program.

Please note that all funding awarded through the New World Social Innovation Fellows Program is not applicable to tuition, school fees, etc.