three women at an event laughing during a conversation

Meet our Community

We come together both seasoned and new to the work — students, scholars, philanthropists, and journalists, as well as those who represent other organizations, community movements, governments, and companies. Explore below just a subset of our broad community.

Zubaida Bai

Visiting Social Innovator
"I am committed to making the world a better place for women and girls globally."

Asha Curran

Visiting Social Innovator
"I believe in the collective pursuit of a world built upon radical generosity."

Celina de Sola

Visiting Social Innovator
I believe that, given the right knowledge and tools, together we can foster healing in communities.

Rey Faustino

Visiting Social Innovator
I'm committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the vital, life-saving resources they need.

Lily Lapenna

Visiting Social Innovator
A social entrepreneur, financial inclusion geek, care about moving the needle on wicked problems.

Michelle Miller

Visiting Social Innovator
I support the vision and imagination of workers who are building a 21st century labor movement.