Meet the Community

Celina de Sola

I believe that, given the right knowledge and tools, together we can foster healing in communities.

Celina de Sola is a social entrepreneur from El Salvador, and co-founder and President of Glasswing International. Glasswing keeps kids away from violence, and enables them to thrive – by addressing the root causes and consequences of poverty and violence in 12 countries – through education, mental health, and youth empowerment initiatives. Celina has over 25 years of experience in international development and social impact. Prior to Glasswing, she worked as a consultant and staff for international organizations on gender programs; as an interventionist for Latino immigrants in the US; and led humanitarian responses in countries like Liberia, Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the tsunami in Indonesia. She is a Fellow of the Obama Foundation, Ashoka, and LEGO ReImagine Learning, as well as being an Awardee of Skoll, The Audacious Project, Tällberg Global Leader, and Schwab Social Entrepreneur. Celina gave a TED Talk on trauma and violence prevention in 2022. She has masters degrees in social work and public health from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, is on the Advisory Council of the InterAmerican Foundation, and serves on several other nonprofit Boards. Celina is married, has a 12-year-old son, 2 dogs, and loves nature and wildlife.