Executive Education

Executive Education programs bridge academic frameworks and theory with a practice-oriented lens to advance professionals’ work on the ground and impact in the world. We provide educational programming for social innovators across organizational types and platforms as they grapple with questions of impact and scale.

SICI Program: Leadership for System Change

Since 2017, SICI delivers custom-designed programming – “Leadership for System Change: Delivering Social Impact at Scale” – for awardees of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Led by Faculty Co-Chairs Julie Battilana and Alnoor Ebrahim, this eight-day program works with participants as they seek to scale their social impact beyond its current scope and influence broader systems beyond their direct constituents, beneficiaries, or customers.

This program aims to develop participants’ abilities to: 

  • Identify pathways to scaling their impact
  • Position their work within a larger system of change
  • Develop leadership skills for scaling and system change

The program is guided by SICI’s social innovation organizing framework. Read more about our approach. 

Past participants represent social innovation efforts unfolding globally and across diverse industries: education, health, human and social services, arts and culture, environment, and community development. 

The Experience

Work With Us

We create custom-designed executive education programs in collaboration with organizations and entities seeking to develop and grow their social impact. Contact us if you are interested in custom programming.

Additional Executive Education Opportunities

Our faculty collaborate and teach across a number of executive education programs offered through Harvard. You can find a full list of offerings and apply for open enrollment programs through the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education website.