Meet the Community

Meghan McCormick

Meghan McCormick is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School and the MIT Sloan School of Management where she received a joint MPA and MBA. After graduating with a B.S. in Finance from Georgetown University, she joined the Peace Corps, where she served as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in the Republic of Guinea. During her service, she experienced the economically and socially destructive force of youth unemployment and underemployment. Watching a country waste its greatest resource, the energy and ingenuity of youth, galvanized her to focus her career on solving this problem. Meghan is the co-founder of Dare to Innovate, francophone Africa’s most active social business accelerator. Her organization has trained thousands of youth entrepreneurs and deployed nearly a quarter-million in seed capital to youth-led businesses in Guinea and Benin. In 2017, she launched OZÉ, a product developed by Dare to Innovate, into an independent for-profit business. OZÉ is a platform that empowers small-business owners to make data-driven decisions. As a Cheng Fellow, Meghan explored how mission-driven for-profit organizations can scale solutions to youth unemployment by getting OZÉ into the hands of 100,000 small business owners in Ghana.