Meet the Community

Khadijah Tribble


Because of racially motivated War on Drug policies, nearly 4 million African Americans and Latinos have been arrested, incarcerated and or convicted of a felony marijuana charge. Seventy five percent of those individuals will never move out of poverty unless the system is changed. Like the failed war on drugs, the new marijuana industry is poised to enshrine discriminatory practices in the regulatory system. By prohibiting the rights of those with marijuana related charges to fully participate in the cannabis marketplace, government and private industry partners are sealing the fate of people who already struggle to living wage employment, government assistance in housing and education support. Ironically, while people of color make up 88% of all marijuana related convictions for distribution of marijuana, they make up less than 1% of those who own and or work in the cultivation and dispensary sectors of the marijuana industry. Evidence is clear- African American communities where marijuana-related arrests outpace other communities have been socially and economically destroyed by mass incarceration related to drug law enforcement, yet these same communities are least likely to benefit from the billion-dollar economic boom that legalization now presents.


Our solution is simple. The Marijuana Policy Trust will provide unbiased and credible information based in research to local and state government officials tasked with implementing cannabis-related legislation and regulation. In collaboration with jurisdictions around the country we will ensure data-driven planning and implementation efforts that provide equitable access and opportunity at every stage of the regulatory process. Our team will develop policy recommendations, assessment and training materials that respond to the specific needs of the jurisdiction. Marijuana Policy Trust is a social enterprise aimed at modeling cannabis regulations that create equity in marketplace access, revenue generation and improved economic conditions for individuals and communities most impacted by failed the war on drug policies. We are DO-GOODERS passionate about creating pathways out of poverty! Credibility and community representation is at the heart of the organizational mission.


Khadijah Tribble is an activist and policy strategist on a mission to do good. Khadijah received her MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2018. Upon her graduation, she successfully launched the Marijuana Policy Trust, a social enterprise partnering with government and the cannabis community establishing a regulatory framework that works for all stakeholders. Applying a social justice and equity lens, Khadijah utilizes over 15 years of consulting experience to assist government officials in regulating a new cannabis marketplace.

No stranger to complex problems, Khadijah has lent her expertise and talents as board advisor to numerous worthy organizations including her current role as board member for New Profit’s Hero awardee, Changing Perceptions, an organization leading the charge in offering ex-offenders a way out of recidivism and path to entrepreneurship. Most recently she served as strategic chair for United Medical Center Hospital and founding board member of the Community Wellness Collective. As a Cheng Fellow, Khadijah worked with local and state government officials in Massachusetts providing policy briefings and recommendations for establishing the state’s regulatory framework for cannabis. Dividing her time between Washington, DC, Boston and Oakland Khadijah continues to refine the cannabis equity in regulation toolkit (CERT) which she developed during her Cheng Fellowship.