Meet the Community

Kennedy Opala

Kennedy Opala is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School where he received an MPA-ID. He is a co-founder and product lead at Afyakit, a social venture that is focused on improving health outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa by providing actionable in-facility data to health sector managers. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kennedy’s desire to work in health analytics emanated from the loss of a close family member from a curable illness and he has not looked back since. As a Cheng Fellow, Kennedy developed a deep understanding of the healthcare management space in Sub Saharan Africa with the aim of developing right-level insight tools for different tiers of health managers. Previously, Kennedy spent a year after graduating from college traveling and working on localized energy access projects in Senegal and South Africa, an experience that inspired him to work in international development and use data to drive insights. He joined the World Bank as a policy analyst and has founded two companies focusing on cross-sectoral analytics consulting. He has also worked as an analyst at Gro Intelligence, a global agricultural data and analytics software company. Kennedy holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and African Studies from Harvard College and is the recipient of the John Finley Fellowship from Eliot House.