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Judy Touzin

“I leverage media and partnerships to redefine the Black male image and reinvest in young Black men.”

Judy Touzin is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In Judy’s experience as a teacher, principal, and leadership coach she has consistently sought to help create affirming environments for Black boys and young men.

In August of 2016, she self-published her first book titled, ExceptionAL: Black Men Leading, Living, and Loving to amplify the beauty, brilliance, and humanity of Black men and boys across the country. In February 2017, Judy launched The ExceptionAL Project, an extension of that book. The ExceptionAL Project leverages the power of media and partnerships to help redefine the Black male image and reinvest in young Black men.

Judy’s unwavering passion for education is rooted in her commitment to ensuring that all young people live in communities and attend schools where they can learn and thrive. As a former principal, she believes that schools alone will not be able to achieve systemic change in the lives of our young people. It will take sustained collaborative effort from all stakeholders to radically transform school and life outcomes for our kids. Judy strives to honor the voices and lived experiences of the communities she serves so that change efforts reflect their vision and leverage their assets so they can realize their aspirations.



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