Hugo Carvajal graduated from Harvard Kennedy School in 2021 with a Mid-Career Master’s in Public Administration. Hugo is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Latino Support Network Inc. (LSN), a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise and a certified Community Development Corporation (CDC) serving the Latino community and other immigrant communities in Lynn and Boston. LSN promotes socio-economic, cultural, and civic integration and participation of our members by providing training, mentoring, coaching, and by identifying and fostering the human capital of our participants. Hugo oversees fundraising, financial planning, and forecasting. Hugo also works closely with LSN’s Director of Career Advancement Programs to design and deliver high-quality educational programs to their members. Currently, LSN is focusing on financial literacy and economic empowerment as well as providing technical support and advice to small businesses and worker-owned cooperatives. They are also working closely with local partners to establish the first community investment fund for the Northshore. In addition to this role at LSN, Hugo serves on the Board of La Vida Scholars Inc, a nonprofit organization providing scholarships and college preparation programs for high school students in Lynn.

As a Cheng Fellow, Hugo continued the development of the first Latinx-owned and operated credit union in Massachusetts to serve as a change agent to increase access to capital and provide technical support for minority-owned businesses and worker-owned cooperatives.