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Farayi Chipungu

“We need more leadership at all every of the system – I am committed to making that happen!”

Farayi Chipungu holds faculty appointments at The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and also at Harvard Law School.

At both schools, she teaches some of the most popular leadership development and change management courses. Her courses bring both an analytical and psychological lens to diagnosing why people, teams and groups resist change. She focusses on giving leaders skills and tools to lead system-wide change and to make progress on seemingly intractable problems. Farayi leverages over 40 years of research into leadership development at Harvard as well as experiences garnered over almost a decade as a management consultant with McKinsey and Co. and as a corporate lawyer in the UK and Australia.

Farayi collaborates with private clients and colleagues across Harvard’s faculty to design, teach and implement customized coaching, capacity building and change management programs for governments, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Farayi holds a Law Degree from Monash University in Australia and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University.