Meet the Community

Emmanuel Bukenya

“I am closing the clean energy financing gap while tackling energy poverty and the climate crisis.”

Emmanuel Bukenya is a Ugandan entrepreneur and recieved his MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2018. He is a recipient of the Genesis Energy Fellowship and has spoken at TEDx Youth at Bukoto, where he has shared his views on social entrepreneurship, alternative energy and applied design. Emmanuel started his career as a brand manager before joining the World Bank, Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa (BEIA) as the Uganda project consultant. Emmanuel participated in the U.S. Mission’s “Ugandan Youth Advisors to Washington” program where he engaged officials in Washington DC in constructive debates on the effectiveness of U.S foreign policy in addressing youth issues.

As companies race to unlock Africa’s energy potential, Emmanuel spent his time as a Cheng Fellow developing a dedicated Africa energy investment portal that gives investors access to less volatile energy investments with competitive returns. Over the past few years, he has been building Anuel Group’s Clean Energy Portfolio with a primary focus on greener and renewable sources of energy and technologies facilitating cleaner energy. He has invested in Bulungi Bwansi Energy Ltd. (a biomass/gasifier manufacturing company), Anuel Energy Ltd (a solar installation company) and Innovex Uganda Ltd. (an energy system diagnosis and monitoring service company)