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Buddhaprakash Jyoti

Dr. Buddhaprakash Jyoti is a senior civil servant with seventeen years of experience at various levels of government, from the field to state headquarters. He is a member of Indian Administrative Service and has worked in some of the most demanding and challenging areas inflicted by left-wing extremism. As Secretary to Government, Social Welfare, Buddhaprakash was responsible for the wellbeing of the marginalized sections of the society. He brought transformational changes in the field of education by expanding the scope and depth of the programs. His innovative policy initiatives paved new pathways for economic participation and empowerment of the marginalized.

Throughout his career, Dr. Buddhaprakash Jyoti has committed himself to the maxim “the last person first” and participation of the marginalized sections in the governance process. As a Cheng Fellow, Buddhaprakash focused his energies on the problems of Manual Scavengers in India, and in the State of Telangana in particular. He worked with governmental agencies, NGOs, and industry groups to fight the scourge of manual scavenging and facilitate better economic, and educational opportunities for the families of manual scavenging. He also engaged in advocacy for the rights of manual scavengers, economic empowerment, and educational opportunities for the children for a generational shift in the fight against poverty and living.