Meet the Community

Alejandro Noriega

Alejandro graduated in 2018 from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s degree in Public Policy. As a Cheng Fellow, he developed and implemented a project to use behavioral insights to spark innovation in the Mexican Criminal Justice System. Alongside a State Attorney General in Mexico, Alejandro developed behaviorally informed interventions designed to promote victim compensation, reduce prosecutorial backlogs, and help low-level offenders avoid incarceration. Before attending the Kennedy School, Alejandro was a public servant in the Mexican Federal Government, where he worked in both the transparency and criminal justice sectors. He grew up in the border city of Tijuana and lived in Mexico City for more than ten years. As a continuation of his fellowship project, Alejandro co-founded a non-profit called Publio dedicated to solving public problems by prototyping, testing, and scaling evidence-based innovations. He is currently working with local authorities to prevent Intimate Partner Violence by targeting men as generators of violence with a program based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.