Tony Shu

2019 Cheng Fellow

Tony Shu is a junior at Harvard College studying a special concentration in Housing and Urban Innovation. He is the co-founder of Breaktime, a social enterprise that launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness through employment and empowerment. Breaktime’s specific niche is as a transitional employer between preliminary training programs and the broader workforce. Breaktime gives young adults experiencing homelessness a stepping stone of hands-on work experience with supplemental vocational training and one-on-one career mentorship to nurture universally applicable hard and soft skills and launch their careers. As a Cheng Fellow, Tony hopes to continue scaling Breaktime and developing the Breaktime Cafe. At Harvard, Tony is also a Technology Innovation Fellow (Roberts Family Fellow) at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Paulson School of Engineering, serves on the Board of the Harvard Real Estate Club, and dances with the Expressions Dance Company (hip-hop). He is passionate about mindfulness, co-living, design, and urban innovation.

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