Head shot of Madison Esposito

Madison Esposito

2020 Cheng Fellow

Madison Esposito is a citizen of the Tyme Maidu Tribal Nation and is currently working towards an MPH candidate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Madison grew up seeing the impact of Indigenous erasure on the health and wellness of her community. This erasure takes many forms, including 54% of state curricula that omits Native histories, culture, knowledge, and existence from the K-12 curriculum. These experiences of erasure, especially at such a young age, threaten the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health of Native peoples and have been shown to lead to adverse health outcomes in adults. Madison’s passion lies in understanding how she can support, empower, and improve health and wellness in Native communities through education. To that end, Madison co-founded Redbud Resource Group, a Native education non-profit. Redbud Resource Group focuses on increasing the visibility of Native peoples by creating, distributing, and facilitating Native approved curricula. In addition to contributing to the management and curriculum development at Redbud, Madison is also the designated graphic designer and web developer for the non-profit.

As a Cheng Fellow, Madison plans to develop a comprehensive plan to build the foundation of her non-profit and ensure its continued operation once she transitions her involvement as she matriculates into medical school. Madison is a Rose-Service Learning Fellow and the president of the Native American Student Organization within the school of public health. In her free time, Madison competes in competitive Magic, the Gathering tournaments, and goes on daily runs with her husband and 3-year-old Alaskan Malamute, Sylphrena.