Head shot of Kwabena Lartey

Kwabena Lartey

2020 Cheng Fellow

Kwabena Lartey is an MPH candidate at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a 2020 Harvard Presidential Scholar. He is a trained medical doctor and a Certified Health Education specialist who grew up and lived most of his life in his home country, Ghana. Passionate about Sexual and Reproductive Health, Kwabena volunteered with youth organizations, including the Ipas Ghana Youth Advisory Board, where he advanced the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of women and girls in Ghana by providing a youth perspective to the functions of Ipas Ghana. Kwabena is a co-founder and Chief Coordinator of aHnonymous GH, a youth-centered organization targeted at providing a safe space where adolescents can feel accepted and respected while learning about Sexual Health Issues, including Sexually Transmitted Infections, particularly HIV/AIDS. Together with his team members, Kwabena has reached out to over 200 young persons and caregivers, providing training on diverse sexual health topics, counseling by mental health professionals, and clinical care from healthcare providers. He is passionate about Adolescent Health and Sexual Stigma Eradication.

As a Cheng fellow, Kwabena aims to bring adolescent health education to his local community through an innovative strategy dubbed ‘Books for Him and Her’. This project aims to provide adolescents with quality sexual health education using age-appropriate youth strategies to address the education gap in sexual and reproductive health faced by approximately 48% of young persons in Ghana. Here, they will have access to youth-appropriate textbooks, storybooks, and materials that will provide them with information/education about their sexual health in a fun and playful way. Beyond his advocacy work, Kwabena loves to try new recipes, play with his dog, and learn new languages. He aspires to be an Adolescent Health Policy Expert.