Head shot of Charli Kemp

Charli Kemp

2020 Cheng Fellow

Charli Kemp is a doctoral candidate in education leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Charli believes “music is the universal language of the soul” and a panacea for societal problems. She is a curator of transformative, musical-learning experiences that empower individuals to create positive systemic change. Utilizing education as a vehicle for activism, Charli is driven in her desire to end inequitable systems, to create opportunities and access for underserved communities. Change The Tune, the nonprofit she founded in this regard, seeks to leverage universal connectors, including music, food, and sports, to reimagine the extended learning experience for youth.

Previously, Charli worked as the Leadership and Life Coordinator for Green Dot Public Schools, where she led the development of the organization’s social-emotional learning framework and oversaw the development of its Advisory Program. Before earning her MBA in 2014 from the University of Southern California, Charli was a Teach For America Fellow and taught middle school mathematics and science in New York City for five years. As a teacher, she built strong communal relationships while helping her schools to reimagine their extended learning programming.