Head shot of Bishal Belbase

Bishal Belbase

2020 Cheng Fellow

Bishal Belbase is an MPH candidate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and believes that everyone should have dependable access to high-quality healthcare.

Bishal is the founding president and the CEO of Karma Health, a healthcare nonprofit based in western Nepal, which is working with a municipal government to prototype a unique model of healthcare delivery. By adopting a three-pronged approach: program design and monitoring led by the community, implementation of healthcare delivery by an enterprising nonprofit, and performance-based financing by the public sector, Karma Health aims to transform the state of healthcare availability and access. Since posting the first doctor in the region, Karma Health has treated 20,000 patients at no cost through a public sector facility. In addition to on-site care, professional community health workers provide regular home-based care to pregnant women, children, and those living with chronic and non-communicable disease conditions. Additionally, they are digitizing healthcare records in both the health facilities and the community. As a Cheng Fellow, Bishal plans to seek pathways to strengthen the agency of the local community in healthcare to refine Karma Health’s model for subsequent national scale-up.

Bishal was born in Nepal and is a medical doctor by training. He prefers masala tea and loves to watch documentaries.