Hasani Hayden

2018 Cheng Fellow

Hasani Hayden is senior at Harvard College studying Economics. Passionate about both urban development and economic equity, Hasani aspires to close racial economic disparities through developing and revitalizing predominantly low-income minority communities in the United States. As a Cheng Fellow, he aims to analyze issues surrounding residential segregation, gentrification, and urban development and develop a proposal to transform these communities to provide better social welfare to their constituents. Hasani envisions a solution in the form of a socially conscious real estate development firm that works closely along community leaders to accomplish the goals of the constituents, government officials, and business leaders. In addition to his work as a Cheng Fellow, Hasani has served as President of the Black Student Association, and as a Coordinator for the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program at the College. Born to a Jamaican father and African-American mother Hasani was raised in Grand Rapids, MI. He is motivated to return to his hometown to create a positive impact on his community. It was here that he developed a passion for entrepreneurship and learned of the importance for minority communities to own and operate the businesses that serve their neighborhoods.