Ashri Anurudran

2018 Cheng Fellow

Ashri Anurudran is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Economics, with a secondary focus in Global Health and Human Rights. Having grown up in London, Kuala Lumpur and Houston, Ashri has witnessed the prevalence of sexual violence within vastly different societies. She hopes to introduce preventative norms early enough to create a generation of powerful, confident and informed citizens with the tools to fight sexual violence. In the past, Ashri has founded and taught two school-based educational intervention programs for 12-14 year olds that aim to change norms surrounding sexual violence in India and Kenya. The programs incorporate confidence building, public speaking, female hygiene, human rights, and career building. In Kisumu, she expanded this curriculum to include a self-defense component for girls, as well as introduced a segment for boys that focused on bystander intervention techniques, hero ideals and gender equality. As a Cheng Fellow, Ashri plans to further her research in this space exploring the impacts of parental influence on a child’s ideas surrounding sexual violence and introducing a parental education component in tandem to school-based programs.