Teaching + Trainings

Social Innovation Accelerator

The New World Social Innovation Fellowship, our social innovation accelerator, is a rigorous co-curricular program for change-makers committed to addressing pressing social problems in new and creative ways. The Fellowship selects and supports students – known as Cheng Fellows – advancing progress on a social challenge through a project of their design. Collectively, Fellows’ efforts represent innovation across issues, around the world, and within sectors, including civil society, business, government, and NGO organizations.

Visiting Social Innovators

The Marla and Barry Beck Visiting Social Innovator program hosts accomplished practitioners from around the world to advance positive social impact within and beyond the Harvard University community. Collectively, the cohort of Beck Visiting Social Innovators represents a diverse set of pathways and experiences that illuminate what it means to be a social innovator and agent of change. These practitioners operate beyond traditional boundaries, bringing a multi-sector, global, systems perspective to their work. Through elements of their vision for change, approach, and lived example, they reflect SICI’s values, vision, and key priorities.

Power and Influence for Positive Impact

SICI offers a scholarship for Power and Influence for Positive Impact, a 6-week online course created by our Founder and Faculty Chair, Julie Battilana. It features many social innovators from our growing community. The course runs on the Harvard Business School Online platform and is offered multiple times per year.

Executive Education

Executive Education programs bridge academic frameworks and theory with a practice-oriented lens to advance professionals’ work on the ground and impact in the world. We provide educational programming for social innovators across organizational types and platforms as they grapple with questions of impact and scale.

Each semester, courses across numerous Harvard schools explore themes of social innovation, social change, and more.