Meet the Community

Abeera Ahmed

“Social change about is rooting for those in the back rows through nuance, compassion, and integrity.”

As Communications Intern for SICI, Abeera Ahmed drives the content creation and dissemination of SICI’s mission and work. Abeera is a graduate of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) from Islamabad, Pakistan. She has worked across a gamut of human development programs across the UK-Aid, the WHO, and the UNICEF across three continents. She is a first-year Master’s of Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Her areas of interest are governance reforms in post-colonial states, systems thinking, and participatory ethnography — especially in healthcare and education policies. Abeera is an avid reader — has been doing the 50 books a year challenge every year. She loves to play video games and do transcendental meditation.