Libby Quinn

Research Fellow

Libby Quinn works as a Faculty Support Specialist (FSS) at Harvard Business School. As Julie Battilana’s FSS, Libby is responsible for facilitating communication between HKS and HBS, for all affairs related to Julie’s work at either institution. She has supported Julie, as well as several other faculty at HBS, on several MBA, Doctoral, and Executive Education courses. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to work as an editorial assistant on various books written by HBS faculty, ranging from an edited volume to single-author texts. Prior to coming to Harvard, Libby worked primarily in healthcare, in roles including health administrator and patient advocate.

Libby continues to pursue her interest in healthcare, as a member of The Fenway Institute’s Boston HIV Research Community Advisory Board. As the Chair of the Event Planning Subcommittee, Libby helps design and oversee events that seek to connect communities affected by HIV/AIDS, through art and storytelling. Through these events, Libby has been able to exercise her passion for both public health and art and demonstrate the immovable connection between the two. Libby received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in Religion and Politics.