Reblog: Meghan McCormick – Harvard innovation labs

October 29, 2018Fellow Spotlight

Meghan McCormick, a 2018 Cheng Fellow, is the Founder of OZÉ, a platform that empowers small-business owners to make data-driven decisions. Meghan and the OZE team is passionate about enabling small businesses and local ownership to grow with technology, particularly in emerging markets. In April, OZÉ won the $75,000 Grand Prize in the Social Impact & Cultural … Read More

Anika Manzoor: Making Activism Accessible in the United States

September 4, 2018Fellow Spotlight

Anika Manzoor (MPP ’18, Cheng Fellow) was 12 when she “accidentally” co-founded an advocacy campaign. It happened in a small cafe owned by her friend’s mother. She had been invited by this friend to learn about the inaccessibility of education for girls in developing countries, especially in Bangladesh — a country Manzoor’s family once called … Read More

Micaela Connery: Building Inclusive Housing in the Bay Area

August 28, 2018Fellow Spotlight

Housing crises in urban areas across the United States threaten to prevent many people from accessing shelter, community, and services. This trend is even worse for the millions of people with disabilities, in the US. Micaela Connery (MPP ’16, Cheng Fellow) is seeking to revolutionize affordable urban housing with The Kelsey, a replicable model for … Read More

Ricky Sharma: Promoting Girls Health in India

August 21, 2018Fellow Spotlight

Ensuring a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood for the 120 million adolescent girls living in India today is a formidable challenge. Studies show that at least half of the girls in India are anemic, twice the rate of their male counterparts.

Sibella Matthews: Ending Girls Incarceration in Australia

August 15, 2018Fellow Spotlight

Later this year, twenty-four individuals representing constituencies from across Australia will come together for the inaugural convention of the Girls Justice Reform Community. The coalition, a brainchild of Sibella Matthews (MPP ’18, Cheng Fellow), will meet quarterly with one objective: to end the incarceration of girls in Australia by 2025.

Introducing the Fellow Spotlight Series

August 13, 2018Fellow Spotlight

A Juvenile Justice Center in Australia. A home in Uganda. A school in India. An inclusive housing community in the Bay Area. These are just a few of the diverse settings where our Adrian Cheng Fellows are seeding and leading initiatives for impact. The Cheng Fellowship, an integral part of our work at the Social … Read More