2019 Cohort Eligibility and Structure

The 2019 Cheng Fellowship application will open in Spring 2019 for current Harvard students and Summer 2019 for incoming HKS Mid-Career students.

  • HKS: Applicants for the 2019 Cheng Fellow cohort must be Master’s candidates graduating from an HKS degree program in Spring 2020, including the one-year Mid-Career program. This is a one-year Fellowship experience.
  • Harvard College: Applicants for the 2019 Cheng Fellow cohort must be current sophomores or juniors at the College graduating in Spring 2020 or 2021. Seniors will have a one-year fellowship experience. Juniors participate in a two-year Fellowship experience, providing students with an extended runway for post-graduate planning, individualized support, and deepened community. Year 1 is spent engaging in the weekly co-curricular programming together with HKS Fellows, while Year 2 is focused on developing and executing on your individual game plan. College Fellows must plan to participate in a summer experience related to their Fellowship work during Summer 2020, between Year 1 and Year 2.

Partners or small teams may apply, but all applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined above. If accepted, program funding is allocated on a project basis (not per individual Fellow) and dependent on successful completion of the program by the whole team.